What's the process?
First thing in the process is to get to know the couple. This way we can reach a product that's best for both parties. We can set up a meeting either in the office, at a restaurant or at the comfort for your home. This way we can pick the right package for the right budget.

Why don't you have your prices on your website, we are just comparing prices?
I found out that couples just looking for the lowest price aren't necessarily the best fit for me. I understand budgets, but when a bride or groom contacts me excited about the quality of my work and how my team and I captured the moments, that allows us to get to know each other better.

How do we reserve our date?
You reserve your dates by clicking https://premierefoto.typeform.com/to/YHSAfF or calling me at 2147185265 or sending an email to me. If I am available for your date, then it will be booked for you. This is based on first come first serve.

Who will be shooting my wedding?
Depending on what package is preferred, we range from 1 to 3 and 2 to 3 cinematographer(s). Every cinematographer is trained to shoot cinematic style so no matter what, you are guaranteed to end up with the standard quality of work you expect. We will not setup shots by putting the camera in anyone's face or conduct cheesy table interviews except by your preference.

How far will you travel and will it cost more?
Myself and my team can travel all over the USA. So wherever you'll have us, a custom package will be built specifically for your wedding so that once is the wedding day has passed and all expenses are paid, you can relax knowing you had us filming your wedding.

We already hired a Photographer/Videographer, do you work well with other people?
Yes, absolutely. I will establish a team effort mentality. I would prefer to use my photo/video crew but we can work together well with other vendors.

Do we get to pick our own music?
Yes. You can give me your song selection and I can work on getting the permission to use that song because of copyright reasons. This way your wedding film soundtrack is unique to your wedding.

Do we get all of the raw footage?
Yes. You can include it as an add-on to your package. We can also discuss on the moments you want to see as well, so you're satisfied with the end product.

How long does it take to turn in photos and film?
Depending on the season, photos will take one to two weeks while the wedding film should take 4 to 6 weeks.

Are we able to view photos on our phones, tablets and other devices?
Absolutely! All photos and films are delivered in high resolution format on it custom designed Premierefoto/Premierefilms External drive. DVDs and Blu-rays are also available for purchase.

Why PremiereFoto?
Simply put, it's a brand you can trust. Providing great customer service with amazing quality photography and film making for you is my number one priority. I hope you enjoyed the brief viewing of my work.

For booking collaborations or suggestions please contact me or find me on Facebook or Instagram or Twitter as Arnold Lawson, @lifebyseyi or @premierefoto.

We capture memories of the day so you have something to show your children and grandchildren. You simply cannot rely on family members and friends to take pictures and video because a wedding is a once in a lifetime event so why don't you put it in the hands of someone who takes your wedding as seriously as you do.

We capture the entire event for those who can't attend and making it easy to share your wedding video online or by physical copies including audio, aerial video, live video and multi-camera angles to your taste.